Our Team

Meet the Casper Pride team and Board of Directors. These individuals are dedicated to our mission, vision, and purpose.


Mallory Pollock (any)

Executive Director
Mallory has been volunteering with Casper Pride since 2016 and became the Executive Director in 2022. She works full time with her spouse in their family’s business and teaches yoga and meditation on the side.

Gage Williams (he/they)

Resource Director
Gage has been volunteering with Casper Pride since 2016 and became the Resource Director in 2022. He/They is also a social worker who’s been working with the Queer community for the last seven years. 

Veronica Ratigan (she/her)

Program coordinator

Veronica is a recent graduate who now holds a bachelor’s degree in social work. She is considering pursuing her MSW in the next couple of years and aspires to become a trauma-informed yoga instructor. 

Board of Directors

Led by a group of volunteers, the Casper Pride Board of Directors are passionate about strengthening the LQBTQ+ community in Natrona County.

Ryan McConnaughey (he/him)


I believe in Casper Pride’s mission of growing a supportive and inclusive community in Central Wyoming. I believe Casper Pride is an agent of good in Casper – building relationships between the LGBTQI+ population and the wider Casper community, developing healthcare resources for vulnerable populations, providing safe spaces for those in need, showcasing the economic potential of equal rights and encouraging our state to live up to its ‘Equality State’ motto. 

Aaron Wood (He/him)

Vice Chairperson

Being born and raised in Casper, I never imagined such a vibrant queer community could exist here as it does today. My passion and research of the intersectionality of gender with social and political landscapes, as explored through the integration of various performance arts, is constant in my advocacy and volunteerism with Casper Pride. Casper Pride creates safe spaces for humans to bravely be their authentic self. I’m humbled to engage with my community by serving on the board of Casper Pride.

Anna Wilcox (she/her)


I have spent years serving as an ally and was so very grateful to have been given the opportunity in 2018 to combine that allyship with my professional experience in the nonprofit world and my passion for creating positive spaces and experiences for our queer community with an invitation to join the board of Casper Pride.  

I serve Casper PRIDE on behalf of my brother Josh.  I serve the queer community because he and so many others cannot.

Melanie Urwiller (she/her)


Everyone deserves to feel happy, safe, and accepted in their community.  As I became more involved in the community, I realized not everyone was being afforded the same privileges as myself. I serve the Pride board because my skill set and desire to serve the community align with Casper Pride’s mission.

Ava Covert (She/her)


I joined the Casper Pride board due to my passion to advocate for LGBTG issues and causes as a straight ally in Wyoming. I love my State and want to make Wyoming a welcoming and inviting place for all people including the LGBTQ community. Grassroots organizations like Casper Pride provide an invaluable service to local communities and helping Casper Pride grow has been an honor.

Kate Allen (she/her)


I am involved with Casper Pride because I’ve seen first-hand how a supportive community with resources for LGBTQ youth can positively impact lives. I directly benefited from community support when I was growing up, and I want to help pass that on to the next generation. In a political climate in which LGBTQ rights are under attack, it is especially important to make sure our LGBTQ community has someone in its corner. 

Dirk Andrews (he/him)



I was born and raised in Wyoming and have lived in Casper since 2003.  As an educator, advocate, and gay member of the LGBTQI+ community, I joined the Casper Pride Board to further the work of creating more inclusive and safe spaces for all, including our children.  Casper Pride’s Mission, Vision, and Purpose align with my beliefs, and I could not be prouder than to serve on the board.   

Elliott Hinkle (they/them)


As a transmasculine nonbinary person who grew up in Casper and left as soon as I could in college to head to the Pacific Northwest to safely transition, I’m on the Casper Pride Board because I value this community and know a loving, affirming, community of belonging for all LGBTQ+ people is possible, right here. I am a skilled speaker, facilitator, trainer, advisor, and national expert focused on elevating lived expertise in systems that serve children, youth, and families particularly in support of LGBTQ+ community members. I am also the Principal and Founder of Unicorn Solutions LLC, bringing 12+ years lived and professional experience on topics such as child welfare, youth mental health, and the LGBTQIA2S+ community. Reach me at www.unicornsolutions.org.

Tom McCarthy


Tom’s personal mission is to show love, and compassion, and be a positive influence on everyone he encounters. These are the same tenets that he brings to Casper Pride. Each and every person is worthy of love and compassion. Period.

Casper Pride is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to educating, supporting, encouraging, and advocating equality and growth for a supportive and inclusive community.

Casper Pride Fest is a great opportunity to get together and celebrate Pride, but don’t let that stop you from celebrating yourself and your community year-round.

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